What is MESF approval and how does it relate to Thatcham?

The MESF or Mobile Electronics and Security Federation are the company behind your insurance approved device installation certification.

When Thatcham stopped regulating who could fit their devices, it left a major hole in the automotive trade for con artists and fraudsters to fill. There are many companies available that could fit your Thatcham approved security device but the installation in itself would usually be of poor quality and likely fail, leaving you stranded and a big bill to put it right. Not only that but your insurance company would not have a certificate and if they did it was likely a old Thatcham accredited installer certificate that are now out of date and obsolete. Meaning that if your vehicle were to catch fire and a faulty install were to blame, insurance companies would be calling Thatcham to find out who installed the system and they would have no information regarding tracking down these fraudsters.

Now with a MESF accredited tech and a MESF approved installation company, we take pride in what we do. Working to strict quality control guidelines, customer service policies and aftercare procedures. you can rest assured your in the best capable hands.

Always check your installers ID card, if your not sure ask for their installer number and call MESF to check they are still approved.

About Us

JP Auto Alarms started in 2019.
With 15 years experience working with the automotive industry we has pretty much seen it all. Working with Main Dealers and independent garages, a vast knowledge base has been built, meaning that any fault finding, diagnostic installation or removal of existing complex systems are no trouble at all.
We can install and remove, any aftermarket electrical device on your vehicle. alarm, immobilizer, tracker, stereo or even dash cams.

Our Services

A small independent Auto Electrical Specialist can:

retrofit electric windows,

retrofit central locking,

install Thatcham approved alarms, immobilizers and trackers

install Thatcham Can Bus alarms upgrade units.

Remove any of the above.

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